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Blue Magnesite Adjustable Bracelet


Blue (dyed) Magnesite adjustable handmade bracelet.

Magnesite attributes: It’s a wonderful stone that has a loving & soothing energy, which makes it a powerful tool in meditation.
It has a soothing & relaxing vibration that will allow your mind to still & quiet, & to respond to what the heart is trying to tell it.
It’s a strong stone that will help you unleash your creativity & imagination.
It’s also the go-to stone of those who wish to bolster the development of their psychic visions & other psychic gifts.
Magnesite will help you align your life to your needs & desires. It will also remind you that you must learn to love yourself if you wish to bolster your self-confidence & self-esteem.

Wearing crystal jewellery is a fantastic way to connect with crystals.

Please note: Crystal meanings are spiritual supports & not prescriptions/healthcare information.

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