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Fire Agate Pendant


Fire Agate Pendant.

Fire Agate attributes: a strong protective and grounding stone. It provides a very strong shield around the owner and returns any ill wishes back to the source. Fire Agate is a stimulating stone for the base chakra and improves vitality and energy on all levels. It can increase feelings of security and release fears. It is a good meditation stone and assists with relaxation. As an energising stone it can help with exhaustion and fatigue and also energise the aura. It also negates negative emotions such as anger, rids internal anxiety and is helpful in dealing with emotional distress. It can stimulate intellect and creativity and promotes rational thought. Agate encourages positive emotions such as courage, emotional strength, stability and security. Agate encourages us to reflect on life experiences which in turn enables us to grow and aids spiritual maturity. Agate is a grounding stone which facilitates balance on all levels and is able to remove blockages from any chakra.

Please note: Crystal meanings are spiritual supports & not prescriptions/healthcare information.

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