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Purple Aventurine & Turquoise Dream Catcher Necklace


Purple Aventurine & Turquoise Dream Catcher Necklace.

Handmade Dream Catcher Pendant on long chain (approximately 78.5cm in length) with Purple Aventurine centre & Turquoise feather detail.

Purple Aventurine attributes: Improves the perspective, which enables you to produce good results from a bad situation. Purple Aventurine promotes psychic awareness, enhances motivation, and supports you to live as your authentic self. Through meditation, purple aventurine can assist you to determine your highest purpose. It’s said to be a stone of choice to have with you throughout a job interview; as well it is known as a protection stone, and it supports you to recall and interpret dreams. Also heightens creativity.

Turquoise attributes: A purification stone. It will effectively dispel negative energies and protect you against pollutants or negative outside influences. t will promote inner relaxation and calm, and stabilise your mood swings. It will act like a spiritual balm to your heart and mind, which has been deeply affected by emotional wounds and emotional stress. It’s powerful energies are good in eliminating physical and emotional exhaustion, and they can do wonders for people who are suffering from depression or prone to panic attacks. A powerful protection stone.

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