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Turquenite Wire Wrap Pendant

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Turquenite point pendants.

Turquenite attributes: also called blue howlite or turquoise howlite, is a dyed form of howlite with an appearance very similar to turquoise. Turquenite is associated with balance and evening out mood fluctations. Because it is howlite, it also shares the properties of howlite, specifically artistic expression, creativity, purity, spirituality, calming, eliminating selfishness, and relieving stress, anxiety and tension. It is a most powerful relaxation stone stimulating visualisation and flowdreaming. It can assist ideas into fruition. Turquenite aids the opening of the crown chakra and mindfulness.

Please note, there are 3 pendants pictured, upon purchase you will receive one of the pendants pictured unless more than one is purchased.

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