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Bloodstone Tumble Stone


Bloodstone Tumblstone.

Boodstone attributes: A very protective stone, & is especially useful if you are being threatened.
Whether with physical violence, blackmail, or just a negative person in your workplace threatening to make your life difficult, bloodstone can create a psychic barrier between yourself & the threat.
It gives you the insight to tell when to retreat & when to confront the danger, & strength & courage to work through whatever decision you make.
Additionally, this stone, which is associated with the root chakra, will assist in grounding you in the physical world, which relieves depression & anxiety & will keep you focussed on the “here & now,” & the “next steps” that you need to take in order to solve a problem.
It will encourage you to take action & give you the courage & personal strength to do so, if you feel apathetic, lethargic, or trapped in your own inability to take action.
It is a very strong stone of emotional support, so should definitely be integrated into your life in difficult or emotionally traumatic times. Its powers to relieve emotional turmoil should not be understated.
Bloodstone is one of the most useful stones that you can use when you are having emotional struggles.
While many other stones are highly beneficial when your life is okay but not great, bloodstone is one of the ones that can really pack a punch when life just seems terrible.
If you feel as if you’re constantly being kicked when you’re down, bloodstone can help you pick yourself back up & carry on in a positive & constructive manner.
It can serve as a reminder of the importance of courage & wisdom, & help you to be a better person in this way at times when you are struggling to do so.

The picture shows various tumbles. Upon purchase you will receive one tumble stone from the picture, unless more than one is purchased.

Please note, shapes and sizes of the crystals will vary as they are all unique.

Please also note: Crystal meanings are spiritual supports & not prescriptions/healthcare information.

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