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Kambaba Jasper Worry Stone


Kambaba Jasper worry stones.

Kambaba Jasper attributes: Kambaba-Jasper is a stone of tranquillity and peace, infused with the nourishing energies of nature. It’s a stone that will stabilize and energize your body. It will align your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body with the etheric realm. The dark circles and the dark green swirls on the stone symbolize comfort and protection, calm and relaxation, and balance and restoration. The slow but steady frequencies of this stone will improve your focus. They will ground you and align you. This stone has a cleansing effect, and it will eliminate any negative energies in your aura. It’s also a stone that will dispel nightmares and harmful thoughts. It will promote a peaceful and deep sleep as well. Kambaba-Jasper will encourage happiness and activate your ability to attract abundance and prosperity into your life. It’s a stone that will give you spiritual confidence. It will allow you to harness your inner strength and face your fears. Kambaba-Jasper will strengthen your core and boost your endurance, patience, and stamina. This stone will show you how you can be honest with yourself and deal with the challenging situations in your life.

The picture shows various worry stones. Upon purchase you will receive one worry stone from the picture, unless more than one is purchased.

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